Telling HerStories: The Broad View

One recent noon, my husband Richard and I drove southwest out of Denver, headed over the mountains on our 125-mile commute home after helping out with my mom’s hospice care. The weather forecast predicted gusts of over 60 miles per hour in the high country, but it wasn’t snowing, and the temperatures were unseasonably warm.

The sun shone and the pavement was dry as we wound up Turkey Creek Canyon into the foothills of the Front Range, as we passed through Aspen Park half a vertical mile above Denver, and then crossed Elk Creek, Wisp Creek, Roland Gulch, Deer Creek, and finally dropped into the rocky canyon along the North Fork, headed toward 10,000-foot-elevation Kenosha Pass.

Then we spotted the orange caution sign: “Highway closed in 18 miles.”

I called the road condition report. A semi had blown over, blocking both lanes at the foot of Kenosha Pass and closing…

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