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One recent noon, my husband Richard and I drove southwest out of Denver, headed over the mountains on our 125-mile commute home after helping out with my mom’s hospice care. The weather forecast predicted gusts of over 60 miles per hour in the high country, but it wasn’t snowing, and the temperatures were unseasonably warm.

The sun shone and the pavement was dry as we wound up Turkey Creek Canyon into the foothills of the Front Range, as we passed through Aspen Park half a vertical mile above Denver, and then crossed Elk Creek, Wisp Creek, Roland Gulch, Deer Creek, and finally dropped into the rocky canyon along the North Fork, headed toward 10,000-foot-elevation Kenosha Pass.

Then we spotted the orange caution sign: “Highway closed in 18 miles.”

I called the road condition report. A semi had blown over, blocking both lanes at the foot of Kenosha Pass and closing…

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Three-Dimensions-of-IntelligenceSpiritual Intelligence has many meanings, definitions and connotations. My thinking of around Spiritual Intelligence is as follows: It is who you actually are when you are secure in who you are as a person, when you are secure in yourself the intelligence, the emotions and the beliefs of other people do not affect you.

Spiritual Intelligence to me is when you can objectively learn from the opinions, emotions and religious convictions of others. You are secure in your own foundation and are open enough to learn from others, in very simple terms you have learnt to eat the chicken and spit out the bones.

This was another TWOG – a Twitter like Blog of 140 words. What are your views on Spiritual Intelligence, I would really like to hear your perspective around SQ?

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The Thesis Whisperer

This post is by Lara Corr, a research fellow from the Centre for Health Equity at Melbourne University

With three months to go before completion, I found myself watching a YouTube presentation of a scholar I deeply respect and admire. Queue thesis meltdown #476. My heart raced and my chest constricted as I listened to her rattle off all the theorists and scholars that influenced her work- I hadn’t read most of them.

I sensed potential thesis failure and it felt suffocating.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.19.49 amBut then I remembered that I was not trying to be her- a post-humanist educational sociologist. I was instead drawing on a wide range of disciplines and approaches that were demanded by my thesis aim and objectives. Her research was just one facet of the diamond I was revealing through my endeavours.

However the questions lingered. What was I trying to be? Where do I fit in? Whose…

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I watched an excellent youtube video over the weekend about how to survive your thesis, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. How to get through your PhD without going insane by James Hayton, creator of the website ‘James Hayton PhD (formerly The Three Month Thesis) and author of PhD: An uncommon guide to research, writing and PhD life both of which I probably need to look into at some point.

It’s likely been one of the most useful things to help me adjust my conception of what a PhD really is, and how on earth I can get through it. I’ve summarised its key points here, because they’re exceptionally helpful and reading them will be quicker than watching the 50 minute talk plus Q&A – although I thoroughly recommend that you do if you have the time.

Hayton opens with his conclusion just in case people’s…

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Love Life, Love Learning

Martyn – our great #teacher5aday leader -wants us all to update our original blogs. I don’t have a lot to say but I do want to continue to support Martyn in this valuable project so here goes.


This was about working hard for the staff I lead in my last two terms of teaching – well, it’s one now! I think I’m doing well with this as I work to ensure that the new Headteacher knows about all the good work they do *creeps*!


This one was about maintaining my new found ability to run for 30 minutes three times a week and to fit in some swimming. Well, I’m doing alright with the running – I’m very pleased with it, in fact and now have The Race for Life 5k in my sights. Foolishly, I’ve signed up to do it as part of a school group which…

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