After meeting her

We knew how much pleasure of

Her company we missed!


What’s this?

Thy reflection appears 

whenever I peep into my heart!


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The statistics make sobering reading.  Research reported here found that, “on average, teachers believed 49% of… neuromyths, particularly myths related to commercialized educational programs.”  A recent survey reported here found that 90% of teachers in several countries agreed that individuals learn better in their preferred learning style despite there being “no convincing evidence.” (Read an excellent article by Daniel Willingham and Tom Bennett in the TES here on learning styles and other myths in education.) Conversely Dunlosky points out here that “some effective techniques are underutilized – many teachers do not learn about them.”

I was one of the 90% until reading this blog from @headguruteacher – a revivifying pedagogical update.  Why?  Lack of time and information.

Here are 8 catch-up pedagogies every…

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Phoebe's PhD

As you may know a key element to research is keeping up to date with the literature. At the moment I have a huge pile of research papers on a whole range of topics that relate to my PhD project and I have only made a small dent in it. Sometimes however the last thing you want to do is read so I have tried to think of a few things I do to make it easier…

When trying to get a quick feel for the given topic I read through the titles and abstracts to see how varied the research is but when I really need to know the details I will dig a little deeper for the specifics. I always make notes on the papers as I’m reading and thinking and then I collate the notes and start to form valid ideas which I know have been well…

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The Zeit

sport, fitness, health, technology and people concept - smiling young african american woman running with smartphone and earphones outdoors Summer – The best time to make resolutions!

Woohoo! Summer is here. It’s time to get out and have pure unadulterated fun! First on my list of summertime fun is to swap out my winter wear for my summer shorts and sandals, then take a weekend drive to the beach, and last but not least, visit my favorite fro-yo spot!

I love summer vibes; I feel happier, motivated to do more and inspired to simply…be.

There’s approximately 90 days of summer which makes it a great time to refresh those New Year’s resolutions, resolve them or make new summer resolutions.

Summer resolutions are a great way to set and achieve your goals in a unique and almost too fun way. Evenings are longer, loud music, flowers and fresh foods are everywhere. It’s literally nature’s call for you to ramble about, go for late afternoon-early evening walks, bike rides and just…

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